A Water World Fiberglass Pool is the right choice for you.

The purchase of a swimming pool is a major investment. If you take the time to compare the different types of pools available, you will see fiberglass has many distinct advantages

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a fiberglass pool “pop out” of the ground?

A. NO! Engineers will tell you it is impossible for any pool to “pop out”  of the ground when it is full of water. However, just like any pool…gunite, vinyl liner, or fiberglass…lowering of the water level below recommendations will result in an uneven pressure and possibly could result in damage.

Q. Why a fiberglass pool?

A. An article in Money Magazine on swimming pools stated “ one piece fiberglass pools are easiest to maintain.” The story noted that “vinyl liner pools can develop a tear in the liner from a sharp belt buckle” and that the entire liner slowly deteriorates in the sunlight” and must be periodically replaced. Money noted that gunite pools are more expensive and because the “plaster surface is rougher than…fiberglass it is more hospitable to algae and bacteria.” And, we add that gunite pools often require  re-painting and plastering.

Q. How long does it take to install a pool manufactured by Water World Fiberglass Pools Inc.?

A. Usually 3-5 days weather permitting

Q. What does installation involve?

A. A hole excavated to accommodate the pool model that you have purchased. Then, the bottom of the hole is contoured with stone to ensure a perfect fit. The pool is lowered into position, leveled and backfilled with stone to lock it in place. All plumbing and electricity is connected, pump and filter installed, decking built, and when completed, you are ready to enjoy your Water World Fiberglass Pools Inc. pool or spa.

Q. How do you deliver a one-piece pool?

A. Depending on access, we normally truck deliver the pool or spa to your location and then lift it with a crane to its final resting place. There have been situations where we have actually floated the pool (in tow) across bodies of water.

Q. What kind of decking may I use around my pool?

A. The standard is a plain concrete deck. However, special coating can enhance the use and appearance of a concrete deck. Other surfaces can also be constructed, just use your imagination!

Q. What features are standard in a pool manufactured by Water World Fiberglass Pools Inc.?

A. Your Water World Pool included built in coping, molded, no slip surface steps and benches.

Q. What accessories are standard?

A. Our complete pool package includes a skimmer, main drain, and return outlets…the pool is ready to enjoy once installed

Q. What are optional accessories?

A. Automatic pool cleaner, water heater, additional decking, diving board, extra jets, winter cover, solar blanket, salt generator, ceramic tiles, landscape lighting, fiber optic lighting, handrails, spill over spas, water features, and ladders.

Q. How durable is a fiberglass pool?

A. The pools seamless construction withstands extreme environmental changes and can flex to twelve full inches with out any damage. Our pools are engineered to be up to seventeen times stronger per inch than concrete pools. This remarkable flexing feature makes the fiberglass pool the most resilient to any weather and or soil condition. No other pool comes close.

Q. How difficult is a fiberglass pool to maintain?

A. Maintenance is easy allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool. The gel coat finish is smooth, hard, and non-porous making it resistant to algae. This feature reduces chemical usage and maintenance costs. Unlike other types of pools, there is never a need to drain a one-piece fiberglass pool. And remember, a well maintained fiberglass pool will never require resurfacing.

Q. May I move my fiberglass pool to another location?

A. When you move, your pool can go with you.

Q. Where is Water World Fiberglass Pools N.E. Inc located?

A. Water World Fiberglass Pools N.E. is located in Hammonton, New Jersey, and is serving thirteen states in the northeast.