About Water World Fiberglass Pools

Water World manufactures a vast selection of fiberglass pools available in several styles and shapes. Our designer line of pools has a unique eye appealing beauty that can only be found in the Water World line of pools. Our fiberglass pools have graceful curved shapes with built-in swim outs and large sweeping curved entry steps that allow for easy access and generous in-pool seating. Jets can be added to the side of steps for an added relaxing experience. Imagine being surrounded by pulsating bubbles as you sit and soak. Swimming in the comfort of your own backyard allows the whole family a place of healthy fun and relaxation.

manufactures one-piece fiberglass swimming pools, diving pools, and swim spas of unsurpassed quality. By buying factory direct, you eliminate the middleman and save thousands of dollars! And, we are so confident in the durability of our pools that we warrant them for fifty years!

All of our one-piece fiberglass swimming pools were designed by engineers using state-of-the-art technology to ensure strength and integrity. Highly trained fiberglass specialist manufacturers develop our pools in a controlled factory environment, using only the finest available materials. Water World offers you over twenty models with a wide range of shapes and sizes. All of our pools are uniquely designed with special features including large sweeping built-in steps, seats, benches and swim-outs.